Sky West and Crooked

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Sky West and Crooked
Sky West and Crooked (1965) theatrical poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by John Mills
Produced by Jack Hanbury
Written by Mary Hayley Bell
John Prebble
Starring Hayley Mills
Ian McShane
Annette Crosbie
Laurence Naismith
Music by Malcolm Arnold
Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson
Distributed by Rank Organization (UK)
Continental Distributing (USA)
Release date
Language English

Sky West and Crooked (known in the United States as Gypsy Girl) is a 1965 romantic drama film, featuring actress Hayley Mills. The film was directed by her father, John Mills, and was co-written by her mother, Mary Hayley Bell.


Brydie White [Hayley Mills] plays a troubled seventeen-year-old girl, living in a small, isolated village in the West Country of England. The film begins with a flashback to when Brydie was eight years old and with her playmate when he accidentally kills himself with a shotgun. However, because they were alone in the churchyard, some of the adults in the village have always been suspicious of what actually happened, especially the father of her playmate whose shotgun killed his son. Their negative feelings towards Brydie are compounded by their disapproval of the fact that her mother was not married to her late father. Her mother is a sad and lonely person who is not a good mother to Brydie, and she drinks heavily. A band of gypsies have recently taken up residence near the village, which some of the villagers are not at all pleased about, so, when one of the young gypsies, Roibin Krisenki [Ian McShane], takes a romantic interest in Brydie, emotions begin to run high in both communities.


Filming locations[edit]

The film was shot on location in the village of Little Badminton in South Gloucestershire.[citation needed]

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