Sky Whirl

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Sky Whirl
Each wheel had 12 passenger cars

Sky Whirl was the name of two Triple Tree Wheel amusement rides that debuted at the California's Great America (in Santa Clara, California) and Six Flags Great America (in Gurnee, Illinois) amusement parks in 1976. The former ride closed in 1997, the latter in 2000. Supplied by Intamin,[1] they are thought to have been manufactured by Waagner-Biro.

The ride resembled a huge tree with three arms – each arm supporting a wheel, or 'spider', – carrying 12 passenger cars. Two wheels were spinning in the air while the third was on the ground loading.[1][2]


Both rides opened in 1976.[1] The Santa Clara ride, which appeared in the 1994 movie Beverly Hills Cop III, was renamed Triple Wheel before it closed in 1997.[1] The Gurnee ride, which reached a height of 110 feet,[3] closed in 2000.[1][4]


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