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Sky World News is a weekday programme which airs between 3am - 6 am GMT on Sky News and is generally presented by Hannah Vaughan Jones broadcasting around the world. The programme is produced by a specific team of foreign news specialists. The back half hours in this time slot are known as 'Sky World News and Business Review' and contain further international news stories and more in depth business coverage. Despite this little difference in content, the two half hours are branded separately.


The programme was initially started in the Summer of 2005, in the buildup to the revamp of Sky News, the first bulletin was presented by Anjali Rao who is now an anchor with CNN. The programme employs its own sports presenter, Graeme Winch, who reads the sport live (all other overnight sports bulletins are recorded). The weather presenter did records special weather forecasts shown throughout the hour which cover Africa, Europe and the world as a whole, however when sky reduced the weather team to just two forecasters and the presenter now reads the forecast with the weather graphics over, the same format used by the rest of the sky news schedule except Sunrise

The programme is unique in that it is now the only slot to rotate the desk to use the globe backdrop. Since 2009 though, this is not the case. It also makes extensive use of various 'stings' to divide up the content.

In the past the team has made use of content from American broadcasters in the back half hour segments.

The Executive Producer (EP) of Sky World News is John Gumbley.

Since July 2005, the reporter on Sky World News has been Henry Ridgwell.

In March 2009, the programme added an extra hour, to run between 3am and 6am (GMT), as it did run 4am-6am.