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Sky and Trees Records
Country of originEngland

Sky and Trees Records is a record label set up by United Kingdom band Chumbawamba in 1983. The band used the label to release and distribute a number of cassettes and booklets by themselves (see also Cassette Culture), including their early demo recordings Be Happy Despite It All (1983), Another Year Of The same Old Shit (1984) and the 'cassette single' "Common Ground" (1984), which was a benefit for striking miners (see UK miners' strike (1984-1985)). They also released material by other anarcho-punk performers, including their 'sister' band The Passion Killers, Antidote and an animal rights benefit compilation, The Animals Packet. The only vinyl release on Sky and Trees was Chumbawamba singer Danbert Nobacon's solo album The Unfairy Tale (1985).

In 1985 Chumbawamba founded Agit-Prop Records, which served as the vehicle for their future releases until they gained a record contract with One Little Indian, and later, controversially, signed to EMI.

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