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Vancouver skybridge.jpg
Coordinates49°12′20″N 122°53′48″W / 49.20556°N 122.89667°W / 49.20556; -122.89667
CarriesTwo tracks of the Expo Line and a maintenance track
CrossesFraser River
LocaleNew Westminster
Total length616 metres (2,021 ft)
Height123 metres (404 ft)
Longest span340 metres (1,115 ft)
Clearance below45 metres (148 ft)
OpenedMarch 16, 1990
Skybridge (TransLink) is located in Vancouver
Skybridge (TransLink)
Location in Metro Vancouver

The SkyBridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Built between 1987 and 1989, it spans the Fraser River and connects New Westminster with Surrey.[1] The SkyBridge opened for revenue use on March 16, 1990 with the second half of the Phase II extension of SkyTrain to Scott Road Station.


Construction of the bridge began on October 28, 1987.[2] The first half of the bridge heading towards Surrey was completed first, with the New Westminster half being completed on March 19, 1990.[2] The bridge was manufactured by Hyundai Engineering & Construction and a Chilliwack-based construction company with a total cost of CAD$28 million,[2] or $54.5 million in 2018 dollars.[3]


The SkyBridge does not carry automobiles, unlike the neighbouring Pattullo Bridge, but has two tracks to let the TransLink SkyTrain to pass either way on the bridge on its journey between King George Station in Surrey and Waterfront Station in Downtown Vancouver. A third set of rails in the middle, not connected to the SkyTrain tracks, is used by maintenance crews to truck equipment back and forth on the bridge.

The bridge has two 123-metre (404 ft) tall towers and carries trains 45 metres (148 ft) above the Fraser River and valley.[4] The main span is 340 metres (1,120 ft) and the total length is 616 metres (2,021 ft), making it the longest cable-supported transit-only bridge in the world.[5]


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Coordinates: 49°12′20″N 122°53′49″W / 49.205465°N 122.896993°W / 49.205465; -122.896993 (SkyBridge)