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Skylab is a United Kingdom-based ambient/electronica outfit formed in 1993. They have been featured on multiple compilations from the Red Hot AIDS Benefit Series of albums produced by the Red Hot Organization, and have worked with the likes of Steve Dahl. Their membership at the time of their album debut were Toshio Nakanishi, K.U.D.O., Howie B and Mat Ducasse.

Other notable collaborators include Barry Adamson, David Holmes, and Depeche Mode.



  • #1, released via L'Attitude/Astralwerks (1994)
  • (Large as Life and Twice as Natural), released via Eye Q (1999) (In 2015, Fact Magazine ranked the album at 17 on its list of "The 50 Best Trip-Hop Albums of All Time."[1])


  • Exotika, released via Astralwerks (1995)
  • Oh! Skylab, released via L'Attitude (1995)
  • These Are the Blues, released via Astralwerks (1996)
  • Accident, released via Voodoo (1996)
  • The Trip [#2], released via Eye Q (1996)
  • The Trip [#1], released via Eye Q (1997)
  • Killer Loop, released via Voodoo (1997)
  • Bite This, released via Eye Q (1997)
  • The Witness, released via Voodoo (1997)
  • Judas, released via Eye Q (1997)
  • ?, released via Eye Q (1998)
  • Crocodile #1/Magenta, released via Eye Q (1998)
  • Lunatic, released via Voodoo (1998)
  • Piece of Mind, released via Pro (1999)
  • Nickers of a Girl, released via Eye Q (1999)
  • Accident (Remix), released via H&G (1999)
  • Daybreaks, released via Phatt Phunk (1999)
  • EP, released via Skylab (a Miami Rock band formed in 2003 by Nelson Morales and David Young) (2004)


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