Skynd (crater)

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Skynd with bright central peak as seen along the terminator (near 2 o'clock) on Umbriel.

Skynd is a crater on the surface of Uranus' moon Umbriel.[1] It is estimated to be between 72[2] and 110 km[1] in diameter. Its center is located at 1°48′S 331°42′E / 1.8°S 331.7°E / -1.8; 331.7Coordinates: 1°48′S 331°42′E / 1.8°S 331.7°E / -1.8; 331.7.[2]

Skynd has a bright central or near central peak,[1] which is one of the few bright albedo features on Umbriel that noticeably stands out against Umbriel's low albedo.

The crater is named after Skynd, a troll who stole three wives of a man living in Englerup.[2]