Skyrail Midorizaka Line

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Skyrail Midorizaka Line
Other name(s)Hiroshima Short Distance Transit Seno Line
Native nameスカイレールみどり坂線
TypeSuspended monorail
Operator(s)Skyrail Service (スカイレールサービス)
Rolling stock200 series
Opened28 August 1998 (1998-08-28)
Line length1.3 km (0.81 mi)
Number of tracks2
Electrification440 V DC
SignallingLinear motor
Highest elevation160 m (520 ft)
200 series vehicles, which have been operating on the Skyrail since day one. Each vehicle holds up to 25 passengers.

The Skyrail Midorizaka Line (スカイレールみどり坂線, Sukairēru Midorizaka-sen) is a monorail/people mover line operated by Skyrail Service. The line runs between Midoriguchi and Midori-Chūō, all within the new town called Skyrail Town Midorizaka, Aki, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan. The line is officially called Hiroshima Short Distance Transit Seno Line (広島短距離交通瀬野線, Hiroshima Tankyori Kōtsū Seno-sen). The line is also known as the first Japanese public transport to introduce a smart card, simply called IC Commuter Pass (IC定期券, Aishī Teikiken), from the time the line itself opened on August 28, 1998.


A skyrail is a new rail transport system developed by Kobe Steel (Kobelco), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and others. It is a fusion between a suspended monorail, an aerial lift, and a people mover. Driverless gondola-sized cars, suspended from a single steel track, are moved by an attached cable. Inside each station, cars release the cable and move by linear motors. Cars can climb steep slopes like aerial lifts (263‰ or 14° 44′ at max), while the track can still curve like normal monorails.

Stations and services[edit]

There is roughly one service per ten minutes. It takes five minutes from Midoriguchi to Midori-Chūō. The fare is ¥170.

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Coordinates: 34°25′39″N 132°35′45″E / 34.4275°N 132.5957°E / 34.4275; 132.5957