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Native name: Σκυροπούλα
Skyropoula is located in Greece
Skyropoula (Greece)
Coordinates 38°50′N 24°22′E / 38.84°N 24.36°E / 38.84; 24.36Coordinates: 38°50′N 24°22′E / 38.84°N 24.36°E / 38.84; 24.36
Archipelago Sporades
Highest elevation 188 m (617 ft)
Region Central Greece
Regional unit Euboea
Municipality Skyros
Population 0 (as of 2001)
Postal code 37x xx, 38x xx
Area code(s) 242x0

Skyropoula (Greek: Σκυροπούλα, English: "Little Skyros") is a Greek island in the Sporades. The islet of Erinia lies directly to the east as well as the main island of Skyros. From 1860 until 2001, it was the private island of the Antoniades family. This family has a long military and naval tradition; most recently, Admiral Antonis Antoniades served as Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff from 2002-2005. In May 2001, the island became the property of an unidentified Cypriot businessman.[1]

Nearest islands and islets[edit]

Its nearest islands are Skantzoura to the north and Euboea to the south.


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