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Skyrunner World Series
Genresporting event
Date(s)from April to October
Most recent2018
Organised byISF

The Skyrunner World Series is an annual international championship of skyrunning (high altitude endurance races) and the official International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) race circuit for mountain running.[1] Each year the Skyrunner World Series presents a global Sky Racing calendar, attracting mountain running athletes from almost every country.


Skyrunning was founded in 1992 by Italian Marino Giacometti, President of the International Skyrunning Federation which sanctions the discipline worldwide. The SWS was launched in 2004 and has grown to represent the peak of outdoor running defined by altitude and technicality. In 2017, Migu Run, an advanced online and offline exercise and health management platform founded in China, became title sponsor of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series.

Definition of a Skyrunner World Series Sky Race[edit]

Skyrunning stands apart from other mountain running activities. The criteria of a SWS Sky Race are:

  • Race Duration: Day-long races with a time limit of 16 hours.
  • Race Distance: Sky Races feature distances from 22 km to 66 km to enable full intensity performance throughout the race.
  • Race Values: Races are characterised by their technicality, speed, intensity and extreme terrain.

Altitude (average and maximum reached), peak reach, running on snow/glacier, grade II climbing difficulty and increased elevation percentage are other factors also taken into account when defining a Sky Race.

2019 rules and rankings[edit]

The 2019 Skyrunner World Series proposes two ranking systems. The single season ranking, introduced in 2019 and limited to the Skyrunner World Series, and the 52-week ranking which encompasses all races, including the Skyrunner National Series races.

The single season ranking[edit]

In 2019, the Skyrunner World Series introduced the first single ranking system. The objective of the general ranking is to unify the circuits and key races to make the series even more competitive and define who is the best Skyrunner in the World; a Skyrunner being someone able to face any type of mountain with technicality, speed and intensity, and serves as a base to distribute the end of season bonus pool.[citation needed]

The 2019 Skyrunner World Series season runs from April to October. It consists of 15 races in 11 countries and concludes with the "SkyMasters", the end of season race open only to qualified athletes.

Athletes are ranked on their top 4 points results of the season, of which no more than 2 can be "SuperSky Races" - races rewarding twice as many points as a Sky Race, plus the SkyMasters points.

At each race, points will be attributed to the top twenty finishers in a symmetric manner for men and women according to the following grid:

Pos. Sky Race SuperSky Race SkyMasters
1 100 200 250
2 80 160 200
3 70 140 175
4 60 120 150
5 54 108 135
6 48 96 120
7 42 84 105
8 36 72 90
9 30 60 75
10 26 52 65
11 22 44 55
12 18 36 45
13 16 32 40
14 14 28 35
15 12 24 30
16 10 20 25
17 8 16 20
18 6 12 15
19 4 8 10
20 2 4 5

The 52-week ranking[edit]

The 52-week rolling ranking is a ranking based on results over the last 52 weeks. It includes the points earned in MRSWS and Skyrunner National Series and is updated every week. After 52 weeks, any result completely disappears.

End of season bonus pool[edit]

The end of season bonus pool increased from €66,000 in 2018 to €75,000 in 2019, split equally between the top 10 ranked male and female athletes of the season. To be eligible for the end of season bonus pool, athletes must participate in a minimum of four races, at least two must be Sky Races and start at the SkyMasters race.

2019 Race Calendar[edit]

Date Race Country
21.04.2019 Mt. Awa Skyrace

33 km, 2,400m+

04.05.2019 Yading Skyrun

32 km, 2,819m+

11.05.2019 Transvulcania Ultramarathon

74 km, 4,350m+ / *SuperSky Race

19.05.2019 Skyrace Des Matheysins

27km, 1,980m+

01.06.2019 Madeira Skyrace

56 km, 4,100m+

15.06.2019 Livigno Skymarathon

34 km, 2,700m+ / *SuperSky Race

29.06.2019 Olympus Marathon

44 km, 3,200m+

14.07.2019 BUFF Epic Trail 42K

42 km, 3,325m+ / *SuperSky Race

21.07.2019 Royal Ultra Skymarathon Gran Paradiso

55 km, 4,141m+

28.07.2019 Skyrace Comapedrosa

21 km, 2,280m+

03.08.2019 Tromsø Skyrace

57 km, 4,700m+

23.08.2019 Matterhorn Ultraks «Extreme»

24 km, 2,800m+ / *SuperSky Race

15.09.2019 ZacUP Skyrace

27 km, 2,650m+

22.09.2019 Pirin Ultra Skyrace

66km, 4,400m+

Bulgaria Bulgaria
05.10.2019 Sky Pirineu

37 km, 2,575m+

19.10.2019 The SkyMasters

27 km, 2,600m+


2018 Ranking system[edit]

For the 2018 season, three rankings were published: Sky Classic, Sky Extra and Overall.

Sky Classic races were 22 km to 50 km long with 7.5% average elevation and a 1,000m difference of min/max. altitude. The Sky Classic ranking took into account the best five results of the season. The Sky Classic category champions were Pascal Egli from Switzerland and GBs Holly Page.

Sky Extra mixed races that were formerly known as Sky Ultra and Sky Extreme. These races were over 50 km long with 6.5% average elevation and 1,000m difference of min/max. altitude. The Sky Extra took into account the best four results of the season and was won by Pere Aurell of Spain and America's Hillary Gerardi.

Overall - all athletes scoring points in any race entered the overall ranking. Their best two results in each category counted for the final ranking.

Laura Orgué (2nd), Sheila Aviles (champion) and Ragna Debats (3rd) on the podium of the Sky Classic 2017 Skyrunner World Series.

Previous overall champions[edit]

That is the results of the singles races of the various years.[2][3]

Year Men's winner Women's winner
2002 Spain Agustí Roc Amador France Corinne Favre
2003 Spain Agustí Roc Amador Spain Teresa Forn
2004 Spain Agustí Roc Amador Spain Anna Serra
2005 United Kingdom Rob Jebb France Corinne Favre
2006 Mexico Ricardo Mejia United Kingdom Angela Mudge
2007 Spain Kílian Jornet United Kingdom Angela Mudge
2008 Spain Kílian Jornet France Corinne Favre
2009 Spain Kílian Jornet Italy Emanuela Brizio
2010 Spain Tofol Castañer Italy Emanuela Brizio
2011 Spain Luis Alberto Hernando Spain Oihana Kortazar
2012 Spain Kílian Jornet Sweden Emelie Forsberg
2017 United Kingdom Jonathan Albon Spain Maite Maiora
2018 Spain Kílian Jornet Netherlands Ragna Debats

Past events champions[edit]

SkyRace Sky Ultra Vertical Kilometer Sky Extreme
Year Men's winner Women's winner Men's winner Women's winner Men's winner Women's winner Men's winner Women's winner
2012 Spain Luis Hernando Russia Zhanna Vokueva Spain Kílian Jornet Spain Núria Picas Italy Urban Zemmer Spain Laura Orgué
2013 Spain Kílian Jornet United States Stevie Kremer Spain Kílian Jornet Sweden Emelie Forsberg Italy Urban Zemmer Spain Laura Orgué
2014 Spain Kílian Jornet United States Stevie Kremer Spain Kílian Jornet Sweden Emelie Forsberg Spain Kílian Jornet Spain Laura Orgué
2015 Italy Tadei Pivk Spain Laura Orgue Spain Luis Hernando Sweden Emelie Forsberg Switzerland Remi Bonnet Spain Laura Orgué
2016 Italy Tadei Pivk United States Megan Kimmel Spain Cristofer Clemente Spain Gemma Arenas Italy Philip Götsch France Christel Dewalle United Kingdom Jonathan Albon United Kingdom Jasmin Paris
2017 Italy Marco De Gasperi Spain Sheila Aviles Spain Luis Hernando Netherlands Ragna Debats Vertical Kilometer World Circuit United Kingdom Jonathan Albon Spain Maite Maiora


  Bonus races (100% 2007-2008, 20% from 2009 to 2017, 50% 2018)
category Race Country 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Sky Classic Yading Skyrun  China x x x
Zegama-Aizkorri  Spain x x x x x x x x x x x x
Livigno SkyMarathon  Italy x x x
Olympus Marathon  Greece x x
Buff Epic Trail  Spain x x
Dolomites SkyRace  Italy x x x x x x x x x x x
SkyRace Comapedrosa  Andorra x x x
Matterhorn Ultraks   Switzerland x x x x x x
The Rut 28K  USA x x x x
Limone SkyRace  Italy x x x x x x
Sky Extra Transvulcania Ultramarathon  Spain x x x x x x x
Ultra SkyMarathon Madeira  Portugal x x x
High Trail Vanoise  France x x x
Tromsø SkyRace  Norway x x x x
Trofeo Kima  Italy x x x x x
Salomon Glen Coe Skyline  UK x x x
Ultra Pirineu  Spain x x x x
Pirin Ultra SkyRace  Bulgaria x
SkyRace X-Marathon de la Val d'Aran  Spain x
Barr Trail Mountain Race  USA x x
Ville d'Aoste SkyRace  Italy x
Sierre-Zinal   Switzerland x x x x x x
Kinabalu Climbathon  Malaysia x x x x x x x x x
Valmalenco-Valposchiavo   Switzerland x x x x x
6000D SkyRace  France x x
Sentiero delle Grigne  Italy x x x x x
OSJ Ontake SkyRace  Japan x x x x x x
SkyRace Andorra  Andorra x x x x
Ben Nevis Race  UK x x x
Circuito dos 3 Cântaros  Portugal x x x
SkyRace de Serre Chevalier  France x
Giir di Mont  Italy x x
Irazú SkyRace  Costa Rica x
SkyRace Mexiquense  Mexico x x
Avila SkyRace  Venezuela x x
Puyada Oturia  Spain x
Travessa de Canilllo  Andorra x x
Carrera La Sagra  Spain x
Ziria SkyRace  Greece x x
Snowdon Race  UK x x
Sorginen Lasterketa  Spain x
Elbrus Race  Russia x
Ronda dels Cims  Andorra x
Lantau 2 Peaks  Hong Kong x
Ring of Steall SkyRace  UK x
SkyMarathon Sentiero 4 Luglio SkyMarathon  Italy x x
Maraton Alpino Madrileno  Spain x x
Cervinia SkyMarathon  Italy x
Pikes Peak Marathon  USA x x x x x x x
Marató de Muntanya de Berga  Spain x x
Monte Rosa SkyMarathon  Italy x
Chaberton Marathon  France x x
Red Rock SkyMarathon  Italy x
SkyMarathon Ribagorza Románica  Spain x
Marathon du Montcalm  France x x
Mont Blanc Marathon  France x x
Sky Ultra UltraTrail de Mexico  Mexico x
Bettelmatt Ultra Trail  Italy x
Speedgoat  USA x x x
Cavalls de Vent  Spain x
Gran Trail des Templiers  France x
Ice Trail Tarentaise  France x x
Ultra Race of Champions  USA x
The Rut 50K  USA x x x x
Scenic Trail   Switzerland x
Devil’s Ridge Ultra  China x
Salomon Ben Nevis Ultra  UK x
Royal Ultra Sky Marathon  Italy x
Vertical Kilomètre Vertical de Val d’Isère  France x x x x x
Kilomètre Vertical Arles/Tech  France x
Elbrus Vertical Kilometer  Russia x x x
Gerania Vertical Kilometer  Greece x x
Dolomites Vertical Kilometer  Italy x x x x
Kilomètre vertical de Fully   Switzerland x
Vertical Kilometer del Puig Campana  Spain x
Cara Amon Vertical  Spain x
Chamonix Kilomètre Vertical  France x
Limone Extreme Vertical Kilometer  Italy x x x x
Transvulcania Vertical  Spain x x
Lone Peak Vertical  USA x x x
Tromsø Vertical Kilometer  Norway x x
Santa Caterina Vertical Kilometer  Italy x

Races multiple winners[edit]

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