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Original author(s) Ryan Thoryk
Developer(s) Ryan Thoryk
Initial release December 27, 2002; 14 years ago (2002-12-27)
Stable release
2.0 Alpha 10 (OGRE) / December 19, 2016; 4 months ago (2016-12-19)
Preview release
"November 11, 2016 (Alpha 1.10/2.0 Alpha 10) build" (OGRE) / November 11, 2016; 5 months ago (2016-11-11)
Development status Active
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP or later
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Linux(Ubuntu 10.10 or higher and Debian 7.1 or higher are known)
Platform Cross-platform (primarily x86, and x86-64)
Available in English
Type Simulator
License GNU General Public License (Version 2)[1]
An elevator lobby in one of the fan-made buildings.

Skyscraper Simulator (formerly Skyscraper Project[2]), also known as Skyscraper Sim, Skyscrapersim,[3] Skyscraper 3D, or simply Skyscraper[3] is a free and open-source 3D building simulator created by Ryan Thoryk, currently utilizing the OGRE graphics rendering engine, and formerly using Crystal Space.[4]


Skyscraper was originally developed in Microsoft Visual Basic using the Truevision3D graphics engine,[5] and simulated a single hard-coded building (an early design of the Triton Center, the program's flagship building). The first release of Skyscraper was released on December 27, 2002. A 1.0 stable release was released in mid-2004, followed by a gradual complete redesign and rewrite in C++ using the Crystal Space graphics engine with wxWidgets for the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) control panel. The first release of the rewritten simulator (version 1.1, released as 2.0 Alpha 1), which supported scriptable buildings, was released on January 6, 2009.[6] During the development of the Alpha 8 release, the simulator was ported over to the OGRE rendering engine, and the Crystal Space version was discontinued. Skyscraper's latest stable release, version 1.10 (released as "2.0 Alpha 10") was released on December 19, 2016, and is the third major stable release to use the OGRE graphics engine (1 was alpha 8 and 2 was alpha 9).[7] The last version to use the Crystal Space engine was the September 19, 2012 build.[8]


  • Users can manually hand-design buildings by scripting with corresponding coordination for every objects,[4] or use a tool called "Beno Building Creator" made by Beno with HTML5 Canvas element to make them.
  • Fully functioning elevators[3][6][9]
    • Some types of elevators are not supported, such as destination dispatch elevators.
  • Fully functioning escalators,[10] using fan-made scripts, most notably "Escalator2012"
    • Support for moving escalators was added in Update 1 of Skyscraper 2.0 Alpha 10.[11]
  • Stairs[6]
  • Fully functioning Moving walkways,[3] using fan-made scripts, most notably "GooperWalk2012"
    • Support for moving walkways, in addition to moving escalators was added with the release of Update 1 for Skyscraper 2.0 Alpha 10.[12]


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