Slávičie údolie cemetery

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A house in Slávičie údolie cemetery

Slávičie údolie cemetery (Slovak: Cintorín Slávičie údolie, literally Nightingale Valley) is a cemetery in the Karlova Ves borough in Bratislava, Slovakia. The cemetery was originally built in 1912 for poorer inhabitants of Bratislava, and it was called "cemetery of the poor". During World War I soldiers were interred as well. Today, the cemetery with an area of 18.5 ha is the largest cemetery in Bratislava and is a final resting place for prominent Slovak artists, scientists and politicians.[1]

Notable interments[edit]


Grave of Alexander Dubček


Coordinates: 48°09′23″N 17°04′05″E / 48.15639°N 17.06806°E / 48.15639; 17.06806