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Slab or SLAB may refer to:

Physical materials[edit]

  • Concrete slab, a flat concrete plate used in construction
  • Stone slab, a flat stone used in construction
  • Slab (casting), a length of metal
  • Slab (geology), that portion of a tectonic plate that is subducting
    • Slab pull force, the tectonic plate force due to subduction
    • Slab suction, one of the major plate tectonic driving forces
    • Slab window, a gap that forms in a subducted oceanic plate
    • Slab (fossil) and counter slab, the two counterparts of a fossil impression
  • Slab hut, a kind of dwelling made from slabs of split or sawn timber
  • Slab of beer, a flat package containing a large number of cans of beer


  • Slab Point, a rocky point in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

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