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Slab or SLAB may refer to:

Physical materials[edit]


  • Slab, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in Ritchie County, West Virginia
  • Slab City, California, a locality in the Colorado Desert, United States
  • Slab City, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community in Shawano County, Wisconsin
  • Slab Fork, a tributary of the Guyandotte River in southern West Virginia, United States
  • Slab Point, a rocky point in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica

Media and entertainment[edit]

  • Slab (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe
  • Slab, a character in The Ripping Friends
  • Slab, a character in Doctor Who
  • SLAB!, 1980s Industrial music band
  • The Slab, or Slabside Penitentiary, a metahuman prison in the DC Comics universe
  • Slab, a character in "Mr. Young"
  • "Whole Slab", an American rapper previously known as "Deuce Poppi"

Computing and technology[edit]

Other uses[edit]