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Diver in Sladen Suit

The Sladen Suit was a heavy type of British divers' drysuit made by Siebe Gorman. It is entered by a wide rubber tube at the umbilicus: this tube is folded and tied off before the diver dives. It was used by British manned torpedo riders and for general underwater work.

It was sometimes nicknamed "Clammy Death".

Its first make had two small eyeholes. It was redesigned with the big oval flip-up so the wearer could get binoculars to his eyes.

"Universal" rebreather[edit]

There was an oxygen rebreather called the "Universal" that was designed to be used with it. The Universal was a long-dive derivative of the Davis Submerged Escape Apparatus.

In popular culture[edit]

  • Brian Evenson's collection of literary horror, Windeye, includes a story entitled, and about, "The Sladen Suit."

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