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Diver in Sladen Suit

The Sladen Suit was a heavy type of British divers' drysuit made by Siebe Gorman. It is entered by a wide rubber tube at the umbilicus: this tube is folded and tied off before the diver dives. It was used by British manned torpedo riders and for general underwater work.[citation needed]

It was sometimes nicknamed "Clammy Death".[citation needed]

The first model had two small glazed viewports. It was redesigned with the single oval flip-up viewport so the wearer could get binoculars to his eyes.[citation needed]

"Universal" rebreather[edit]

There was an oxygen rebreather called the "Universal" that was designed to be used with it. The Universal was a long-dive derivative of the Davis Submerged Escape Apparatus.[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]

  • Brian Evenson's collection of literary horror, Windeye, includes a story entitled, and about, "The Sladen Suit."


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