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Slam City Jam, the North American Skateboard Championships, was scheduled to return to Vancouver, BC in May 2008, but it has been postponed to May 2009 for unknown reasons. Debuted in Vancouver in 1994, Slam City Jam is the longest-running skateboarding event in North America and is among the best in the world. The three-day event captures the vibrant music and lifestyle of skate culture and features pre-eminent athletes and musicians. The Pacific Coliseum on the Pacific National Exhibition fairgrounds is throwing open its doors to welcome back the three-day festival of skateboarding, lifestyle and music. It has appeared as a playable level in Tony Hawk's Underground.

In 2006 Slam City Jam took place in Calgary, Alberta instead of Vancouver because the Pacific Coliseum was being renovated for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In Calgary the event was held in the Stampede Corral. Slam City Jam has been postponed until 2010.

Slam City Jam is in the process of developing a new international advisory board composed of pro skaters, media & industry stakeholders who will be working with organizers to rebuild Slam City Jam.

Past winners[edit]

Men's Vert

Year Winner
2006 Mac Demarco
2005 Pierre-Luc Gagnon
2004 Bucky Lasek
2003 Sandro Dias
2002 Bucky Lasek
2001 Bob Burnquist
2000 Bob Burnquist
1999 Mattias Ringstrom
1998 Rune Glifberg
1997 Colin McKay
1996 Rune Glifberg
1995 Bob Burnquist
1994 Colin McKay

Men's Street

Year Winner
2006 Greg Lutzka
2005 Paul Rodriguez
2004 Greg Lutzka
2003 Ryan Sheckler
2002 Rodil Araujo
2001 Eric Koston
2000 Ryan Johnson
1999 Rick McCrank
1998 Rodil Araujo jr
1997 Chris Senn
1996 Carlos de Andrade
1995 Ed Templeton
1994 Kareem Campbell

Women's Vert

Year Winner
2006 Datsnare
2005 Cara-Beth Burnside
2004 Cara-Beth Burnside
2003 Cara-Beth Burnside
2002 Jen O Brien
2001 Jen O Brien
2000 Candy Hiler Kramer
1999 Jen O Brien

Women's Street

Year Winner
2006 Lacey Baker
2005 Amy Caron
2004 Vanessa Torres
2003 Vanessa Torres
2002 Amy Caron
2001 Vanessa Torres
2000 Cnaan Omer
1999 Elissa Steamer
1998 Elissa Steamer

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