Zavod Slantsy

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Zavod Slantsy OAO
Industry Petrochemical
Founded 1945 (1945)
Headquarters Slantsy, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Parent Rosimushchestvo

Zavod Slantsy OAO (former names: Gazoslantsevyi zavod and Slantsepererabatyvayushiy zavod Slantsy, error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a petrochemical company based in Slantsy, Leningrad Oblast, Russia.

The company was established in 1945 to supply Leningrad with oil shale gas, synthetic gas produced by oil shale pyrolysis.[1][2] In 1952, the first unit of a 75 MW oil shale-fired power plant and the first stage of the oil shale gas extraction plant was commissioned.[1] Since 1955 until 2000 the plant produced shale oil using Kiviter technology.[3] In addition, it produced other chemical products from oil shale. Oil shale was supplied by the mining company Leningradslanets.[4] In 1970, the company started petroleum coke tempering.[1]

Zavod Slantsy was reorganization from Slantsepererabatyvayushiy zavod Slantsy in 1993.[5] In 1998, the 75 MW thermal power plant was converted from oil shale to natural gas. The company continued produce shale oil until June 2003.[6] As of today, the company produces polymeric petroleum resin and distillates, petroleum coke tempering and gas condensate refining.[5]

Rosimushchestvo controls 41.75% shares (55.7% of votes) of the company while Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Group controls 40% since 2007.[5][7] Rosimushchestvo have tried several times to sell its stake. The new auction is scheduled for 7 December 2012.[2] In November 2011, Arbitration Court at Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry based on the lawsuit filed by Gazprom, started a supervisory procedure on Zavod Slantsy.[4]


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