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Slap Software, (Software Livre da Administração Processual, or Free Software of the Procedural Management), is a Brazilian open source system. It was developed to be used in the automation of judicial, administrative and legislative procedures. It is registered in National Industrial Property Institute (INPI).[1] The applications deal with systems with features of research, control, follow-up and the storing of data, including judicial automation, digital procedure, electronic process of law, or protocol.


Slap Software was created mainly to reduce government spending by the reuse of modules in different parts of government.

It was intended to eliminate the institutional waste that comes reimplementing existing functionality.[2] Another purpose was to help improve best practices in the interdisciplinary area between law and information technology.


Modules were tasked with meeting the requirements of multiple applications in judicial, administrative and legislative domains in both civil and criminal),eareas, across jurisdictions, departments and special courts.[3]

Modularization and reuse are fundamental concepts along with object-orientation, component-orientation and data independence.[4]


The Slap Software talks about formal elements, such as a case would: example applications, documentations UML and handbooks directed to all the spectrum of its public.


The software is able to interact with media,[5][6] with institutions,[7][8] social networks and other tools.


Slapsoftware was started in January 2008,[citation needed] and continues to evolve. The project was shown in lectures[9] and studied by interested students, executive and staff members.

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