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Slat, slats, or SLAT may refer to:

Common uses[edit]

  • Leading-edge slat, an aerodynamic surface on the leading edge of the wing of a fixed-wing aircraft
  • Lath, a narrow strip of straight-grained wood used under roof shingles or tiles
  • Vertical or horizontal pieces of a window blind

Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Slats Jordan (1878–1953), American baseball player
  • Slats Gill (1901–1966), American basketball and baseball head coach
  • Glenn Hardin (1910–1975), or Slats, American hurdler, 1936 Olympic gold medalist
  • Slats Long (1906–1964), American jazz clarinetist
  • Max Zaslofsky (1925–1985), or Slats, American basketball player
  • Glen Sather (born 1943), or Slats, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Michael Slater (born 1970), or Slats, Australian cricketer
  • Boyan Slat (born 1994), Dutch inventor and entrepreneur

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