Slaughter of the Innocents (film)

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Slaughter of the Innocents
Directed by James Glickenhaus
Produced by Kirsten Bates-Renaud
Frank K. Isaac
Jefferson Richard
Leonard Shapiro
Alan M. Solomon
Written by James Glickenhaus
Starring Scott Glenn
Darlanne Fluegel
Kevin Sorbo
Armin Shimerman
Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus
Aaron Eckhart
Music by Joe Renzetti
Edited by Kevin Tent
Distributed by Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment
Release date
  • December 2, 1993 (1993-12-02)
Running time
104 minutes
Language English

Slaughter of the Innocents is a 1993 thriller starring Scott Glenn and Jesse Cameron-Glickenhaus with supporting roles from Kevin Sorbo and Armin Shimerman. A then-unknown Aaron Eckhart has a bit part.

The film is set in the Arches National Park of Moab, Utah, and Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


An FBI Agent's son assists him in catching a child-killer, who believes he's been chosen by God to be a new Noah.



The movie originally aired on HBO on December 2, 1993.

In April 1994, the movie was released on videocassette and laserdisc by MCA/Universal Home Video. In 2004, the movie was released on DVD by 20th Century Fox with no bonus features. The DVD is discontinued; as of August 10, 2010, there have been no plans to release a new DVD of the film.

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