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Teaser poster
Directed by Kate Glover
Produced by Kate Glover
Ben Lucas
Sue Brown
Written by Kate Glover
Starring Steven O’Donnell
James Kerley

Nate Martin : D.O.P[1]

Matt Clegg : Camera Operator
Distributed by Red Sparrow Productions
Release date
  • 30 October 2009 (2009-10-30)[2]
Country Australia
Language English

Slaughtered (working title Schooner of Blood) is an Australian slasher film directed by Kate Glover,[3] and produced by Sue Brown.[4] The movie stars Steven O’Donnell and James Kerley.[5]


The story tells of a bloody masked killer who stalks victims in an isolated country pub.[6]

It is closing time at the Simpson Country Pub, and only six patrons remain - Miles, Miles's wife Alice, drunkard Tommy, sisters Misty and Jenna, and loner Dylan. The bar's owners, Justin and Meg, try to get them to leave, but become frustrated. Alice leaves to catch a taxi. Meanwhile, while Misty is in the bathroom, a serial killer who wears a mask covered in blood (known as "The Bleeding Killer" in the surrounding areas) drowns her. Tommy enters the bathroom next and is beheaded. Jenna starts talking to Dylan, while Miles prepares to leave. Justin suspects that Misty and Tommy are having sex and enters the bathroom, where he is strangled. The killer then climbs out the window of the bathroom and enters the alley, where he retrieves a shotgun. When Meg takes out the trash, he beats her to death with a trash bag. He then enters the pub and kills Jenna and Dylan. Meanwhile, Alice arrives back with a taxi. Miles attempts to escape out the front door, but finds that it is locked. He bangs on the window, but all Alice is able to do is watch in horror as the killer impales him.

Several years later, the pub is abandoned and dusty. Alice has decided to return to the pub as a way of coping. She is accompanied by her friends Don, Julie, Noah, Reya, Tila, and Vernon. They are pursued by police officers John and Anne, although it is not revealed why just yet. At the pub, they meet a homeless man, Carl. When Carl leaves the pub (after being harassed by Don, Tila, Reya and Vernon), the killer stabs him to death. Don and Tila head up to the apartment above the pub and have sex. Afterwards, Vern and Reya go upstairs to do the same. When they do not come back, Julie goes upstairs to find them. There, the killer stabs her and crushes her with a desk. It is then revealed that Vern and Reya were having sex on the balcony, and they head back downstairs.

Later, the group go upstairs (thinking that Julie has left), and have a talk before looking around the apartment. When Don goes downstairs to get beer, the killer smashes a mug on his head and then ties him up. Afterwards, he sprays beer down Don's throat until his stomach explodes. Tila goes to look for him and is discovered by John and Anne. They arrest her for trespassing and question her about Alice. Afterwards, she manages to escape the police car while John and Anne are talking, and goes back into the pub, where she hides in the bathroom. Inside, the killer impales her through the head with a bar stool, killing her.

John and Anne have detained the remaining friends in the pub. They arrest Alice, saying that she is wanted in several states. She claims to be innocent, but they do not listen. The killer then suddenly appears and throws a spear at John and Anne. The spear goes through both of their necks, killing John and Anne. Noah, Vern and Reya flee upstairs. Alice, seeing what is happening, first goes for help, but then decides to reenter the pub and save her friends. However, she finds that the door leading upstairs has been locked. After several unsuccessful attempts to open the door, she finally gives up and flees the pub to find help.

The killer has captured the other three and is torturing them with tools such as a wrench, a screwdriver and a drill. He eventually forces Reya to crawl naked through a tunnel full of razor blades to reach a phone. She does so and reaches the phone, but dies before she can dial a number. He then locks Vern in a closet full of spikes, with a key to escape attached to the ceiling. However, the key is encased in a trap. Vern activates the trap when he retrieves the key and the spiked ceiling falls on his head, killing him.

Finally, the killer offers the phone and key that he offered to Vern and Reya to Noah, if he manages to get them from the bottom of a pot of boiling water. Noah panics and tries to run, but the killer catches him and burns his face off. However, Noah manages to stab the killer with a screwdriver and free himself. Meanwhile, Alice has returned with another police officer, Preston. Preston tells Alice to stay in the car and enters the pub. Almost immediately after, Noah appears on the balcony of the third floor, which the group previously thought was inaccessible, and calls out for help. However, the killer throws a pole through Noah's head, causing him to fall off the balcony. Due to this, Alice decides to enter the pub and finish off the killer once and for all.

Meanwhile, Preston finds a hidden staircase on the second floor that leads to the third floor. However, he trips a wire on the stairs, which triggers a spear to come out of the floor. The spear castrates Preston and he collapses on the third floor of the building. Alice, who also found the stairs, comes up behind Preston, but steps on a pressure plate when she gets to the top of the stairs. This causes spikes to rise out of the entire floor of the third story. Preston is impaled and killed. Alice is then finally met with the killer. She is revealed as Kelly, Miles's sister. All along, she intended to torment and kill Alice after murdering her friends. She was inspired by the original killer (who is still at large). Kelly also admits to committing a series of murders (one which involved injecting five different drugs into a drug dealer's brain at once) and pinning the crimes on Alice, explaining why she was being tailed by John and Anne. Kelly forces Alice to climb down a ladder wrapped in barbed wire. She falls off the ladder and lands on a pile of nails. Next, Kelly attempts to throw Alice into a bathtub of needles, but Alice throws Kelly in instead. The two then battle, which culminates in Alice throwing Kelly into the pot, seemingly killing her. However, she suddenly leaps out and jumps at Alice, but slips as she is getting out and finally dies when she is impaled through the head on a spike.

Alice leaves the Simpson Country Pub and drives to a hospital. She walks into the lobby, cut and bleeding, and collapses. She is swarmed by hospital staff as the screen cuts to the credits and the movie ends. This is not even close to the movie's plot. You must be reviewing another film.


  • Chloe Boreham as Allison "Alice" Cassidy
  • Cassandra Swaby as Kelly Cassidy
  • Bryan Poole as The Bleeding Killer
  • Michael Lewis as Noah
  • Chris Tomkinson as Vernon
  • Erica Baron as Reya
  • Steven O’Donnell as Officer Preston James
  • James Kerley as Officer John Seymour
  • Tara Beel as Officer Anne Kelp
  • Becca Rodney as Tila
  • Shaun Gorge as Don
  • Lynette Wire as Julie
  • Chase Fisher as Carl
  • Beckett Jones as Miles
  • Shana Woodward as Jenna
  • Justin Wool as Dylan
  • Christina Bacon as Meg
  • Leo Wylde as Justin
  • Cameron Copernicus as Tommy
  • Joanna Falbor as Misty
  • Colleen Baxter as Bridget Williams (voice)
  • Eric Peele as Jake
  • Erin Winter as Receptionist
  • Paula Mast as Hospital Worker #1
  • Terrence Smith as Hospital Worker #2
  • Blaire Mass as Hospital Worker #3
  • Dom Seeger as Doctor


The shooting began in February 2007[7] and was the directorial debut for Kate Glover.[8] Makeup effects were created by FX make-up artist Aline Joyce.[9]


Slaughtered was featured at the United Kingdom festival Film4 Fright[10] and in 2009 at Grimmfest.[11]


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