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Slaughterhouse Smith is the name used by two fictional characters in Wildstorm comics universe.

Slaughterhouse Smith[edit]

The first Slaughterhouse Smith was a powerful gangster in the sixties. He first appeared in the Team One limited series. Smith joined the daemonite Helspont in the latter's plot to take control of a government facility. The criminal had a change of heart when it was revealed Helspont's plan was to use a nuclear bomb to destroy New York City and hold the United States hostage. Team One attacked them when Smith was about to be killed by his own men. During the battle, Smith was put in a coma by a mental blast fired by Saul Baxter and spent years hooked up to machines.

Samuel Smith[edit]

Decades later, the gangster's valet found Smith's grandson. Slaughterhouse's superhuman abilities had skipped a generation, and the grandson, Samuel Smith, was told by the valet about his grandfather's fate. The servant discovered that Samuel was insane and, realising that telling him was a mistake, killed himself after shutting off his boss's machines.

Samuel Smith proceeded to cross the country, seducing and slaying as many women surnamed Marlowe as he could. Meanwhile, Agents Wax and Mohr, from the secret agency called National Park Service, investigated the killings.

He eventually tracked down Priscilla Kitaen, who was using a Halo Corporation credit card with the name J Marlowe on it. He picked her up at a mall and the two went dancing. When they came to her house, Smith attacked her, injuring her throat and cutting off both her legs. Seeing this, her roommate, Jeremy Stone, a former WildC.A.T like her, attacked Smith, only to be blinded by the latter's eye beams.

Smith learned from Priscilla that Jacob Marlowe was deceased, and went after his heir, Jack Marlowe. While staying in a motel, he was attacked by Ladytron. After a battle that set the motel on fire, Smith injured her and escaped.

Shortly after this, Jack Marlowe, Grifter and Agents Wax and Mohr set up a trap for Smith at UCLA. Wax tried to use his psychic powers to control the killer's mind, but his plan failed when Mohr attacked Smith. While Agent Wax was only injured, Mohr was cut in half by Smith's powers. The battle ended when Marlowe appeared to end Smith's killing spree: Spartan easily withstood Smith's beams, leaving Grifter to shoot Smith in the back of the head.


  • Thirty-two unnamed women surnamed Marlowe
  • Priscilla Kitaen (non-fatal victim)
  • Dr Jeremy Stone (non-fatal victim)
  • Agent Mohr from the National Park Service

Return of Slaughterhouse Smith[edit]

The first Slaughterhouse Smith recovered from his coma and joined forces with the Daemonite lord Defile. He eventually crossed paths directly with Stormwatch: Post Human Division, accused of the contract murder of several ex-Stormwatch agents. He easily defeated the team, commenting that "Slaughterhouse Smith doesn't take orders," collapsed the building, and flew to safety.


Both Smiths had the ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes. However, only the elder Smith was capable of flight, leaving a trail behind him.