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Slava is the Serbian custom of celebrating a family patron saint.

Slava may also refer to:

Personal name[edit]

Shortened given name[edit]

Slava is a common short nickname for masculine Slavic names ended with "-slav", e.g. Vyacheslav, Stanislav, Yaroslav, Sviatoslav, Rostislav, Mstislav or feminine Slavic names ended with "-slava", e.g. Miroslava, Yaroslava.

Notable people best known under this short name are:

  • Slava (singer), stage name of Russian singer Anastasia Slanevskaya
  • Slava Polunin, Russian performance artist Vyacheslav Polunin
  • Slava Gerovitch, American historian of science of Russian origin Vyacheslav Gerovitch
  • Slava Mogutin, New York-based Russian artist and author Yaroslav Mogutin
  • Slava Stetsko, Ukrainian politician and a World War II veteran Yaroslava Stetsko
  • Slava Turyshev, Russian physicist Vyacheslav Turyshev working in the US at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Slava Zaitsev, Russian fashion designer, painter, graphic artist, and theatrical costume designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Full given name[edit]

Soviet and Russian ships[edit]


Culture and sports[edit]


  • Slava watches, a Russian brand produced by the Second Moscow Watch Factory

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