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Slave to the Metal is an American television program on Fuse which premiered January 21, 2005. It was hosted by Juliya Chernetsky, known on the program as Mistress Juliya, who served as a therapist, answering fans' question on phone or voice message; however, a disclaimer during the show's opening stated that Juliya is not a professional therapist. Lying on a bed in a darkly lit room, Chernetsky frequently dressed in bondage attire and held a whip while giving advice in relation to sex, relationships, music, and other themes (the frequent phrase for the show was "nothing is taboo"). Slave to the Metal ran a half-hour, playing music videos in between Chernetsky's advice segments, which, in contrast to her previous shows, served as the main course of the program. Because of this, the videos, largely of the heavy metal genre, were often highly edited and shortened to make up for lack of time.

Cancellation and legal issues[edit]

In early 2006, programs hosted by Chernetsky stopped airing without explanation. After rumors spread regarding the reason for Chernetsky's dismissal from Fuse, she confirmed via her MySpace page how Fuse wanted to become more family friendly. Since none of her programs exhibited that quality, she was removed. Following Chernetsky's removal, her attorneys met with Fuse over the dispute of ownership of Slave to the Metal. The issue was not carried any further, and Chernetsky and Fuse ended all contact at that point. Despite these conflicts, she rejoined the network years later and hosted its Rock edition of No. 1 Countdown.

Music festival and other name use[edit]

Juliya created a clothing line borrowing the name of her TV program in the mid-2000s (decade). Around early 2005, she began the Slave to the Metal campaign which included her now defunct web site, a video game, a CD-DVD, a charity to stop mercury use in vaccinations and a radio and TV tour.[1]

Since 2009, Juliya has hosted the Slave to the Metal Music Festival alongside Jennifer Arroyo, a.k.a. Ms Jenncity. The goal is to create heavy metal music scenes within cities across the United States by giving local, unsigned bands exposure on stage. Groups from around a particular region are chosen to perform with typically two shows per city. This festival has been associated with pay to play schemes that lure in bands to sell tickets.[2]

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