Slaves of the Shinar

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Slaves of the Shinar
Slaves of the shinar cover.jpg
First edition cover
AuthorJustin Allen
CountryUnited States
GenreHistorical fantasy,
Heroic fantasy
PublisherOverlook Press
Publication date
November 2006
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages429 (original hardcover)
ISBN978-1-58567-916-4 (original hardcover)

Slaves of the Shinar is a historical fantasy novel that was written by Justin Allen and published in 2006. The book explores the early lives and origins of characters and peoples to be found in middle eastern myths and religious texts, especially the Biblical Book of Genesis and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Included from Genesis are depictions of the Nephilim (called Niphilim in the book), Jared (grandfather of Methuselah), Lamech (father of Noah) and Adah (wife of Lamech). The name Shinar also comes from the book of Genesis, chapter ten. Likewise, from the Epic of Gilgamesh and related middle-eastern myths come such figures as Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the gods Marduk, Baal, and Moloch.

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