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Stanislav Trifonov
Pseudonym Slavi Trifonov
Birth name Stanislav Todorov Trifonov
Born (1966-10-18) 18 October 1966 (age 49)
Pleven, Bulgaria
Medium singer, producer, presenter, showman, actor
Nationality Bulgarian
Years active 1990–present
Genres Comedy, Talk show, Variety show
Notable works and roles

Slavi's Show, Ku-ku,

Canaletto, Outcasts
Website Official website

Stanislav Todorov Trifonov (Bulgarian: Станислав Тодоров Трифонов) (born 18 October 1966), known as Slavi Trifonov (Bulgarian: Слави Трифонов), is a Bulgarian showman, actor, singer, viola player, born in Pleven (Bulgarian: Плевен). Trifonov is mainly active in the folk music and chalga genres, but he has experimented with other genres such as pop-rock and punk as a part of Ku-ku Band (Bulgarian: Ку-Ку Бенд). His name is associated mainly with the "Slavi's Show", "Exiles", "Canaletto" and "КU-KU".


Early life[edit]

Stanislav Todorov Trifonov was born on October 18, 1966 in Pleven. His father is from Gorna Mitropoliya, he is the youngest of the three brothers. His mother is Zdravka from Todorovo. He was named after his grandfather Stoyo. There are not many friends, except his sister Petya, three years older than him. Trifonov said that till now she is the closest person.

He grew up in a strict family, where the mother had a major role and upheld the values of good education. Trifonov and his sister were excellent students. He liked spending time reading books.

Eventually he enrolled in the music school in Pleven. In one of the school holidays he went to park "Kaylaka" with his school class. Although uncomfortable and out of place there, he decides to participate in the talent night where the different performances were presented. Trifonov performed few jokes he earlier memorized from apocryphal audiotape of Shkumbata. Trifonov was surprised by the positive response of the audience who even called him for encore. He defines this as turning point in his life.

In 1985 graduated from SMU "Panaiot Pipkov" - Pleven - Viola. Later he graduated from the National Academy of Music "Prof.Pancho Vladigerov" Sofia, Bulgaria.

"Ku-Ku", "Canaletto", "Exiles" and "Slavi's Show"[edit]

Trifonov with Peter Kurumbashev and Luben Dilov son, he was the first producer of private production in the Bulgarian National Television.

His first appearance in the TV show KUKU is a sketch parody of heavy metal band, shot in studio 4 of the National Television. Bring it Vladi Vargala, interrupting his meeting with then-girlfriend in cafe Saterichniyat theater. Trifonov remembers him wearing a drop-and a cistern from the toilet back.( needs edit)

In 1997, the show "Canaletto" actively participated in protests against the rule of Zhan Videnov.

In 1998, he became producer and host of "Exiles". It was suspended from the BNT program after a single broadcast on 8 February. The show was later broadcast for two years by television "7 days" and other cable TV channels in the country. Distinguished by sharp political satire and strong participation of a group of "Ku-Ku Band". Main ideologists of the "Exiles" are writers Rosen Petrov Toshko Yordanov, Ivaylo Valtchev, dear Ivo Petrov and Siromahov.

On November 27, 2000 Trifonov made the first edition of "Slavi's Show" on bTV. He is currently Director of Production Company "Seven-eighth" AD, where in May 2008 to his partner Rosen Petrov. The company produces mostly bTV and bTV Media Group. Their productions are Trifonov transmissions, a vote of confidence, 5 Stars, and numerous reality shows on license - Beauty and all students had, Survivor BG, Music Idol 1, Dancing Stars 2 seasons aloud of Bulgaria and comedy show YouTube 5. as part of Trifonov realize many reality competitions, features and other projects, and two mini-series - Where is brother? Brandy and Sunrise. The only transmission company, is not e aired on bTV, a musical reality show on his own idea Sing with me, have given up the competitive Nova TV.

As a singer he has released 22 albums, with Ku-Ku, Canaletto, Outcasts and Ku-Ku Band. He has made numerous tours throughout the country, as well as a tour in the U.S. and Canada. In 2004 he recorded a duet with the lead singer of "Antique" - Elena Paparizou called Why? ("Why?").

In 2005 Trifonov participated in the Bulgarian national final for the Eurovision duet with Sofi Marinova. When comes to perform her song "unity", however, they take the stage and Trifonov announced in an emotional speech that withdraw from the competition because the vote was manipulated through SIM cards for 50 thousand Levs, so to win the "Kaffe" the day of the final 12:00 to concert song "Kaffe" sent over 60 000 votes. With 48,803 reported SMS-and to support them against the duo lost 76,590's voice winner "Kaffe". Despite or because of this song is very popular.

In 2008 Trifonov was sentenced to 500 lev fine for contempt by address Nedialko Nedialkov, publisher of "Weekend." In an interview with "24 Hours" Trifonov Nedialkov called "the dregs of society, to be stuffed where it belongs." Trifonov has multiple lawsuits against so-called. "Tabloids' as the majority of them, he has won. Earned money he has donated to charity. In early 2013 Trifonov condemns company Magardich Halvadjian and Judy Halvadjian "Global Vision", which are producers of Lords of the air that they have violated the rights of "Seven-eighth" using excerpts from "Slavi's Show "misused.

Ku-Ku Band[edit]

"Ku-Ku Band" is a Bulgarian music band with frontman Trifonov. Established in 1993 by Trifonov, Evgeni Dimitrov, Maestro Evgeny Jotov and Ilia Iliev.The band has been / is playing a major part in the KU-KU, Canaletto and Slavi's show TV programmes, as well as other projects such as Fife Stars, Idols, Sing with me, The Voice of Bulgaria 1 and 2. It has released 21 albums, over 300 songs, hundreds of concerts, 13 tours (1 of them in the U.S.).

Albums (ethno rock style)[edit]

  • Poking peppers beans (1993)
  • Shatt duck head (1994)
  • Roma TV (1994)
  • Yellow Book (1995)
  • Exiles (1996)
  • Canaletto - The Best (1997)
  • A Ferrari with red color (1997)
  • Hello France (1998)
  • Ninth tragic (1998)
  • Babylon (1998)
  • No I do not want (1999)
  • Hour Band (2000)
  • The New Barbarians (2001)
  • Best (2001)
  • Vox Populi (2002)
  • Prima Patriot (2003)
  • Four beers and a band playing (2005)
  • We continue (2007)
  • No Mercy (2009)
  • Macedonia (2010)
  • One of the many (2012)

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