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Slavic Muslims or Muslim Slavs are ethnic groups or sub-ethnic groups of Slavs who are followers of Islam. The term is most often used in studies on the Balkans. The majority of Slavic Muslims are found in Bosnia and Herzegovina and southern Bulgaria.[1][better source needed]

South Slavic Muslims[edit]

Balkan Slavic Muslims[who?] follow Hanafi Sunni Islam.[vague][2] There are also Shia and Sufi minorities (see Bektashi Order) in the Balkans. According to the religious ideology of Christoslavism, coined by Michael Sells, "the belief that Slavs are Christian by nature and that any conversion from Christianity is a betrayal of the Slavic race"[3] as seen in Croatian and Serbian nationalism, Slavic Muslim are not regarded part of their ethnic kin, as by conversion to Islam, they become "Turks".[4]

East Slavic Muslims[edit]

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  • "Slav-Muslims" (Russian: Славяне-мусульмане, Ukrainian: Слов'яни-мусульмани)


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