List of ancient Slavic peoples and tribes

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This is a list of Slavic tribes reported in the Middle Ages, that is, before the year AD 1500.

Map of eastern Europe in 3-4th century CE with archeological cultures identified as Baltic-speaking in purple and Slavic-speaking in light brown.
During the Migration Period in 5-6th century CE, the area of archeological cultures identified as Baltic and Slavic is becoming more fragmented.
By the 7-8th century CE, the Slavic territory was greatly increased after Slavic migration and expansion (in the context of Migration period).

East Slavs[edit]

West Slavs[edit]

West Slav tribes in 9th and 10th centuries

South Slavs[edit]

The South Slavic tribes descend from the Antes and Sclaveni, and predate the medieval identities formed after the Great Schism.

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