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Slavko Štimac (born October 15, 1960) is a Serbian actor.

Slavko Štimac was born in the village of Konjsko brdo near Perušić (then SR Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia). He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (then SR Serbia).

Slavko Štimac made his screen debut in the 1972 film Vuk samotnjak. What followed was a career during which Štimac appeared in many popular and important 1970s and 1980s Yugoslav films where he played child and adolescent characters (including the role of young Russian soldier in Sam Peckinpah's Cross of Iron).

His youthful looks later plagued his career, typecasting him into adolescent roles well into his 30s. However, in 2004 he had the leading role in Emir Kusturica's Life Is a Miracle, some years after playing the role of a stutterer in the internationally acclaimed film Underground of same director Kusturica.

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