Slavomir Miklovš

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Slavomir Miklovš
Eparch of Križevci
Church Byzantine Church of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro
Diocese Eparchy of Križevci
Appointed January 22, 1983
Term ended May 25, 2009
Predecessor Gabrijel Bukatko (up to 1964)
Successor Nikola Kekić
Ordination June 7, 1964 (Priest)
Consecration March 25, 1983 (Bishop)
by Miroslav Marusyn
Personal details
Born May 16, 1934
Đurđevo, former Yugoslavia
Died July 21, 2011
Novi Sad, Serbia

Slavomir Miklovš (16 May 1934 – 21 July 2011) was the Byzantine Catholic bishop of Eparchy of Križevci (in former Yugoslavia, present day Croatia). He was an ethnic Rusyn.

Ordained to the priesthood in 1964, he became bishop of the eparchy in 1983 retiring in 2009.[1]


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