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Slovianoserbsk is located in Lugansk Oblast
Location in Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine
Location of Slovianoserbsk and former Slavo-Serbia

Slovianoserbsk (Ukrainian: Слов'яносербськ, translit. Slovyanoserbs’k; Russian: Славяносербск) is an urban-type settlement in Luhansk Oblast (region) of south-eastern Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Slovianoserbsk Raion (district). Population: 8,086 (2013 est.)[1].

From 1753 to 1764, it was the capital of Russian province Slavo-Serbia as Podgornoye (1754-84). In 1764 Slavo-Serbia was transformed into the Donets county and in 1784 the city was renamed into Donetskoye. In 1817 both county and its county seat were changed to Slavianoserbsk. Soon after the Ukrainian independence of 1918, Ukrainian form of Slovianoserbsk was adopted as well.

Since 2014, Slovianoserbsk has been controlled by forces of the Luhansk People's Republic.[2]


According to the 2001 census in Ukraine, the town had 61,72% Russian-speakers and 37,54% Ukrainian-speakers.


Coordinates: 48°41′47″N 38°58′54″E / 48.69639°N 38.98167°E / 48.69639; 38.98167