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Location of Slavyanovo in Bulgaria

Slavyanovo (Bulgarian: Славяново) is a town in the Pleven Municipality of the Pleven Province.

It lies in the Danubian Plain, to the north-northeast of Pleven. As of December 2009, it has a population of 4,422 inhabitants[1] and the mayor is Asen Bachev. The town is located at 43°28′N 24°52′E / 43.467°N 24.867°E / 43.467; 24.867, 114 metres above sea level.

Slavyanovo's old name is Turski Trastenik (Турски Тръстеник) and it existed in the 18th century.[2] It was officially declared a town in 1974. Slavyanovo is a partner of German town Kaiserslautern.[3] The population is mainly Eastern Orthodox and there is a church, but at least in the 1930s there was also a small Protestant community.[4] Most residents are Bulgarians, though the town has a growing Roma population, also presently living descendants of Crimean Tatars.



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