Slavyanskiy Mir

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Slavyanskiy Mir
Size: 40-50 hectares

Coordinates: 55°36′21″N 37°29′05″E / 55.60583°N 37.48472°E / 55.60583; 37.48472

Slavyanskiy Mir is an open air market in Moscow, owned by Valery and Vladimir Leschikovyh.


It is situated at the edge of the old city limits. Due to the expansion of Moscow to the southwest, Slavyanskiy Mir is positioned to become the geographic center of the city.[citation needed] A little time ago, it could have been considered to be on the edge of the city, but at present, there is a flow of people and goods in and out of the city, particularly migrant workers, traders, and travelers to the caucuses.[citation needed]

Slavyanskiy Mir is the site of the former Luzhniki market, and a major transit hub for people coming to Moscow from the Northern Caucasus. It is one of the more visible emerging ethnic enclaves in the city, and is continually being developed with formal spaces and commercial businesses.[citation needed]

Future of the Market[edit]

The market's owners have proposed expansions, including a monorail extending from Teplyy Stan, and to enclose the entire market in a Hermitage-style building.[main 1]


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