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Sledgeback at showbox 2005.jpg
Sledgeback at the Showbox in Seattle, 2005
Background information
Origin Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres Punk rock, Oi!
Years active 2004–present
Labels Rebellion records
Sliver records
Associated acts Himsa, C.A.F.B., War Babies, Queensrÿche, The Insurgence
Website Official Website
Members Gabor Hun Szakacsi
Tim Mullen
Justin McCawley
Past members Parker Lundgren
Guy Lacey
Shawn Trotter

Sledgeback is a Seattle, Washington punk rock band formed in early 2004, with Hungarian born American guitarist Gábor Szakácsi as the front man. Former member of the long-standing influential Hungarian punk rock outfit C.A.F.B., "Gabi Hun" moved to Seattle not knowing a word of English, and soon after[1] formed Sledgeback.


Beginning 2004-2007[edit]

Gaining a large following early in their career, Sledgeback have toured both locally, and internationally, playing in 2005's Vans Warped Tour and even opening for the likes of Flogging Molly to sold out crowds. With their first full-length release "People's Choice" through Sliver Records, Sledgeback gained notoriety through bi coastal radio play and crowd pleasing shows due in large part to high intensity performances, while boasting powerfully raw, life inspired lyrics.
The band claims on its official website that, Sledgeback started as an attempt of the Gabor Hun to continue his previous project[2] C.A.F.B. which is undoubtedly the biggest influence of group, dates back to 1990.The previous accomplishments of Hun with C.A.F.B. helped build a loyal fanbase for Sledgeback around Hungary and gained attention in various European countries following the release of their second full-length album by Rebellion records (Holland) in 2007.After months of negotiation to alleviate the agreement between the band and Sliver records regarding the release of the disputed second album “Perception becomes reality” to Rebellion records, Sledgeback departed the label.Rebellion signed Sledgeback and placed one of the album’s song “Wonderland” to the “We are the underground” compilation in addition to the release of “Perception becomes reality” .The work was published as compact disc (CD) and vinyl (12”) format.

Intermission 2008[edit]

Due to several member changes Sledgeback remained relatively silent throughout 2008 with only a handful of Seattle area performances,supporting bands like the Accused and the Angry Samoans.

Revival 2009-2010[edit]

In 2009 former Himsa drummer Tim Mullen joined Sledgeback. After Parker Lundgren guitarist left to play for Queensrÿche,the group continued working on their third full-length album "Bite the bullet" as a trio.It released by Sliver records in November 2010 following a 12 track split cd (compact disc) "Reality bites" with Welsh punk veterans Foreign Legion. One of the most popular songs of the band ("Pants off") from their debut album, was used in the soundtrack of the German action-comedy DVD feature "OTE" by Derik Rentrop in 2010.

2011 and beyond[edit]

Sledgeback appeared on a (vinyl) 7" compilation titled "Shut the f*** up and listen Vol.IV" with a sixty seconds long track, "Oi generation".Released by PIG Records, the disc contains artists like the legendary GG Allin and MDC.Following another appearance with a song on the "Zombie pit" compilation[3] in 2012, the band released a three-way split[4] (3 of a kind) with Los Angeles punk rockers The Generators and C.A.F.B. The album also served as retrospective take on the band's deeper millennial roots through C.A.F.B., which was credited as the fundamental starting point of Sledgeback upon Hun's official departure following their 2004 album. In May 2012 New Music Distribution and the German SN-Punx record label issued the first ever retrospective compilation of Sledgeback with 16 songs. The album, “7 years like a broken record” covers the band’s career between 2004 and 2011 including re-mastered and re-recorded versions of some of their previously released songs.Trotter has left Sledgeback in the summer of 2013. He was replaced by Justin McCawley who is also a member of the Seattle punk group The Insurgence.

Style and sound[edit]

The sound of Sledgeback originates in the Hungarian front man's vocal[5] style that defines the whole structure of the group with lyrics that often describe painful moments[6] of life taken from Hun's personal experiences. Sledgeback may sound close to its influences but still is easily recognizable, creating a unique mixture of the so-called "street punk" and "oi!"[7] styles with the timeless sound of '90s west coast punk and successfully incorporating the vocals of Gabor Hun that sets them aside from other similar bands.Possibly because of the frontman’s Central European heritage, Sledgeback’s musical style is comparable with bands like the German Böhse Onkelz, The Freeze as well as Pegboy and Gabor Hun's previous group from Hungary, C.A.F.B..


The roots of Sledgeback can be traced back to Gabor Hun's previous group, C.A.F.B. which was an important part of the 1990s Hungarian punk and alternative music revival. (As it mentioned in the most comprehensive Hungarian music encyclopedia[8] "Magyarock 2" ISBN 9789638707222). Hun left Hungary and with that his band C.A.F.B. to start a new life in Seattle where he later formed Sledgeback. The musical structure of both bands are the same with the driving stripped down raw guitar chords. The only difference between the two groups is the keyboard which was also an essential element of C.A.F.B. in the latter albums, particularly their most successful work "Zanza" which launched the band into the Hungarian mainstream in 1997.

Current members[edit]




  • Sledgeanger-2004
  • Werewolf love[11] -2006
  • Don't wanna know-2008
  • No feelings-2014
  • Hey ho-2011
  • Insane-2012
  • I am-2014[12]
  • New world order-2014
  • Frustration-2014



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