Sledgehammer Blues

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Sledgehammer Blues
Parent companyValley Entertainment
Founded1990 (1990)
FounderJoe Harley
GenreBlues, jazz
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew York City
Official websiteValley-Entertainment

Sledgehammer Blues is an audiophile record label owned by Valley Entertainment. It was formerly named AudioQuest Music.

Audioquest Music was founded in 1990 by Joe Harley of the audio cable company Audioquest to demonstrate the quality of its cables. Harley made one album, by blues guitarist Robert Lucas, that was so successful he decided to release more jazz and blues. Its catologue included work by Charles Fambrough, Victor Lewis, James Newton, Edward Simon, and Larry Willis.[1]

From the label's website: "The blues label was founded in the late 1980s with the mission to create the highest standard audiophile recordings based on the technology available. These are analog recordings using custom built tube electronics and eschewing noise reduction, compression, equalization or sound limiters. By recording the most proficient artists available at the highest possible standards, these recordings have been adapted to every subsequent audiophile platform-XRCD, SACD, etc."[2]


Selection Number Artist Album
2-AQM-1001 Robert Lucas Usin' Man Blues
2-AQM-1002 Strunz & Farah Misterio
2-AQM-1003 Tuxedo Cowboy Woman of the Heart
2-AQM-1004 Robert Lucas Luke and the Locomotives
2-AQM-1005 Trio Galanterie Eighteenth Century Music for Lute and Strings
2-AQM-1006 Mokave Volume 1
2-AQM-1007 Mokave Volume 2
2-AQM-1008 Various Artists Works of Art, Volume 1
2-AQM-1009 Larry Willis Steal Away
2-AQM-1010 Victor Lewis Family Portrait
2-AQM-1011 Robert Lucas Built for Comfort
2-AQM-1012 Bruce Katz Crescent Crawl
2-AQM-1013 Sasha Matson Steel Chords
2-AQM-1014 Jeff Palmer Ease On
2-AQM-1015 Mighty Sam McClain Give It Up to Love
2-AQM-1016 Various Artists Works of Art Volume 2
2-AQM-1017 Bennie Wallace The Old Songs
2-AQM-1018 Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters Still River
2-AQM-1019 Les Arbuckle No More No Les
2-AQM-1020 Rob Mullins One Night in Houston
2-AQM-1021 Robert Lucas Layaway
2-AQM-1022 Larry Willis A Tribute to Someone
2-AQM-1023 James Newton Ensemble Suite for Frida Kahlo
2-AQM-1024 Mokave Afrique
2-AQM-1025 Edward Simon Group Beauty Within
2-AQM-1026 Bruce Katz Transformation
2-AQM-1027 Doug MacLeod Come To Find
2-AQM-1028 Kei Akagi Mirror Puzzle
2-AQM-1029 Various Artists Works of Art Volume 3
2-AQM-1030 David Binney The Luxury of Guessing
2-AQM-1031 Mighty Sam McClain Keep On Movin'
2-AQM-1032 The Bush Crew The Bush Crew
2-AQM-1033 Charles Fambrough Keeper of the Spirit
2-AQM-1034 Various Artists Blues Masters
2-AQM-1035 Various Artists Jazz Masters
2-AQM-1036 Joey Calderazzo Secrets
2-AQM-1037 Lloyd Jones Trouble Monkey
2-AQM-1038 Terry Evans Puttin' It Down
2-AQM-1039 Joe Beard Blues Union
2-AQM-1041 Doug MacLeod You Can't Take My Blues
2-AQM-1042 Mighty Sam McClain Sledgehammer Soul and Down Home Blues
2-AQM-1043 Ronnie Earl, Pinetop Perkins, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith and Calvin "Fuzz" Jones Eye to Eye
2-AQM-1044 Terry Evans Come to the River
2-AQM-1045 Robert Lucas Completely Blue
2-AQM-1046 Doug MacLeod Unmarked Road
2-AQM-1047 Bruce Katz Mississippi Moan
2-AQM-1048 Mighty Sam McClain Journey
2-AQM-1049 Joe Beard featuring Duke Robillard and Friends For Real
2-AQM-1050 Sherman Robertson Going Back Home
2-AQM-1051 Bennie Wallace Bennie Wallace
2-AQM-1052 Various Artists Bluesquest
2-AQM-1053 Mighty Sam McClain Soul Survivor
2-AQM-1054 Doug MacLeod Whose Truth, Whose Lies?
2-AQM-1055 Joe Beard featuring Duke Robillard and Friends Dealin'
2-AQM-1056 Bruce Katz Three Feet Off the Ground
2-AQM-1057 Terry Evans Mississippi Magic
2-AQM-1058 Terry Evans Live Like a Hurricane
2-AQM-1059 Little Al Thomas & The Crazy House Band South Side Story
2-AQM-2000 Wolfe Why Thank You Very Much: Live at The Bluetone Cafe


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