Sleep (2013 film)

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Directed byLilja Juha
Produced byLilja Juha
Screenplay byLilja Juha
Edited byLilja Juha
Running time
8 hours[1]

Sleep is a 2013 film directed by Juha Lilja consisting of approximately 1 hour long takes about Lilja himself sleeping naked. Multiple camera angles are used, and film also contains dream sequences, which are shot on a drone and a motorcycle. The Film premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2015[2][3] as a part of its Signals 24/7 theme, which was focusing on how the attention economy and technological improvements have changed society.[4] Other films from the director have been screened in festivals in Asia and USA.[5]

The film was released 50 years after the release of Sleep from American artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol. The 2013 remake explores how modern technology has made it easier for anyone to produce such monumental length films.[1] Warhol had originally planned Sleep to be an 8-hour film. According to his memoirs, he had said to Gerard Malanga: "Wouldn't it be fabulous to film Brigitte Bardot sleeping for eight hours"[6] Because of technical difficulties it was not possible at the time. Lilja's version was made to reach the 8 hour goal.[7]

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