Sleep Dirt (instrumental)

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"Sleep Dirt"
Song by Frank Zappa
from the album Sleep Dirt
Recorded 1976
Genre Rock, jazz
Length 3:21
Songwriter(s) Frank Zappa

Sleep Dirt is an acoustic guitar duet featuring Frank Zappa and James Youman on Zappa's album Sleep Dirt that pursues the close-up intimacy of Zoot Allures as an insistent peaceful motif with conventional evocation. The song as well as the album was named after the secretion that accumulates in the corner of the eye during sleep.

The song's tone is described as intimate as Frank Zappa's sliding left hand gives it a special flavor. Zappa played a fast paced solo, while Youman played the accompaniment.[1] The track has some of the dreamy intensity of half-conscious perception as Youman falters at the end and Zappa asks, "you getting tired?"; "no, my fingers got stuck." [2]


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