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A sleeper is a person who is sleeping. It may also refer to:

General uses[edit]

  • Sleeper, a sleeping partner in business
  • Sleeper, a greatly undervalued antique or collectible found offered for sale in a venue where knowledgeable antique dealers do business
  • Sleeper, a strong internal beam (structure) in construction and shipbuilding
  • Sleeper dike, a low inland dike, made obsolete by a newer dike closer to shore
  • Sleeper agent, a secret agent or similar operative left long inactive
  • Blanket sleeper, a one-piece, footed sleeping garment
  • Sleeper couch, also known as a fold-out couch or hide-a-bed
  • Bedside sleeper, a baby crib that attaches to parents bed.
  • Sleeper earring, originally designed to be worn while sleeping to keep the hole in a pierced ear open
  • Sleeper hit, a work that obtains unexpected recognition or success
  • Sleeper hold, a rear naked choke hold used in professional wrestling


  • Sleeper bus, designed to carry fewer passengers in greater comfort
  • Sleeper (car), an automobile that has been modified to improve its performance without changing its outward appearance; the British term for this is Q-car
  • Sleeper truck, a truck with a sleeping compartment
  • Sleeping car, a railway passenger car with beds
  • Railway sleeper, a railroad tie










  • "The sleeper", a yo-yo trick
  • The Sleeper, the main antagonist in the computer game Gothic
  • Sleeper, the Japanese name for the Pokémon Hypno

Other uses[edit]