Sleeping Child (Bonnie Pink song)

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"Sleeping Child"
Single by Bonnie Pink
from the album Let Go
Released July 12, 2000
Format CD single, Maxi, vinyl (12" Limited)
Recorded 2000
Genre Downtempo, jazz rock, alternative rock
Label East West Japan
Bonnie Pink singles chronology
"Kako to Genjitsu"
"Sleeping Child"
"Take Me In"
"Kako to Genjitsu"
"Sleeping Child"
"Take Me In"
12" Limited Vinyl

CD single[edit]

"Sleeping Child" is Bonnie Pink's sixteenth single from the album Let Go. The single was released under the East West Japan label on July 12, 2000.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sleeping Child" (Original)
  2. "Sleeping Child" (Protein Shake Mix)
  3. "Sleeping Child" ("The Gyrations of Virgin Microbes" Mix)
  4. "Sleeping Child" ("Bonnie in Paris" Mix)

12" limited vinyl singles[edit]

"Sleeping Child" was also released as two remix vinyls (12" limited) on July 12, 2000.

Remix 1 track listing
  • a1. "Sleeping Child" (Protein Shake Mix) by Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto
  • a2. "Sleeping Child" (Original)
  • b1. "Reason" (Season Dub) by Kaoru Inoue for Chari Chari
  • b2. "Reason" (Original)
Remix 2 track listing
  • a1. "Sleeping Child" ("The Gyrations of Virgin Microbes" Mix / Stereolab)
  • a2. "Sleeping Child" ("The Gyrations of Virgin Microbes" Mix Instrumental / Stereolab)
  • b1. "Sleeping Child" ("Bonnie in Paris" Mix / The High Llamas)
  • b2. "Sleeping Child" ("Bonnie in Paris" Mix Instrumental / The High Llamas)