Sleeping in Light

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"Sleeping in Light"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 5
Episode 22
Directed byJ. Michael Straczynski
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code422
Original air dateNovember 25, 1998
Guest appearance(s)

Wayne Alexander (Lorien)
David Wells (Commander William Nils)
Romy Rosemont (publicist)

Episode chronology
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"Objects at Rest"
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"Sleeping in Light" is the final episode of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5. The episode was nominated for the 1999 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.


Twenty years have passed since the end of the Shadow War and Sheridan's death (and resurrection) at Z'ha'dum. Aware that Lorien had stated he could only extend Sheridan's life by 20 years, he knows his time is short, and makes invitations to his old friends to meet him and his wife Delenn on Minbar, sent out by the Rangers. Though the invitation does not mention the reason, they all recognize that this day was soon to come and make the necessary arrangements.

Sheridan and Delenn have a dinner with their friends, Michael Garibaldi, now head of the Edgars-Garibaldi corporation, Dr. Stephen Franklin the head of xenobiological research on Earth, Ivanova, a general with EarthForce, and Vir Cotto, the Emperor of The Centauri Republic. They reminisce about their departed friends: G'Kar and Londo who killed themselves to free the Centauri; Lennier who disappeared after nearly killing Sheridan and is presumed dead; and Marcus, who sacrificed himself to save Ivanova. After the meal, as they gather in the garden, Ivanova finds herself unable to stay, and quietly departs. Delenn follows her and asks her to assume leadership of the Rangers after Sheridan's death. Ivanova considers the offer before leaving.

Sheridan and Delenn spend the night together. Sheridan wakes and realizes that he will die today, but does not feel he should do it on Minbar. He dresses in his Army of Light uniform and leaves before Delenn awakes, having a spaceship prepared for him. Before he can leave, he finds Delenn, in her formal attire, there to meet him. She comments that today would be a Sunday on the Earth calendar, and believes it would be a good day to have a relaxing Sunday drive as Sheridan would say, and if he is going to leave, he must do so now. The two embrace one last time, and Sheridan departs Minbar.

Sheridan stops at Babylon 5. The current commander, William Nils, tells him that the station is being prepared to be scuttled as the shifting political landscape has now rendered the station mostly obsolete (and a hazard to navigation). Sheridan also meets Zack Allan, who apologizes for being unable to make the invitation as he was overseeing the decommissioning. Sheridan takes a final tour of the station, and says that he and the station are linked, both being shut down. Zack invites him to stay for the decommissioning ceremony but Sheridan instead says he will visit the Coriana system, thus fulfilling the request relayed to him from Vorlon Ambassador Kosh.

Sheridan takes his spaceship to Coriana, and finds his body's life signs fading. He orders the computer system to shut down and waits for death. Shortly thereafter, Lorien appears in the ship, and tells him that he was not forgotten by the First Ones, and they are waiting for him beyond the galaxy. Sheridan asks if he can come back, but Lorien asserts this is a one-way trip and the start of a new adventure. A bright light fills the ship. Some days later, the abandoned ship is found with no signs of life aboard and no indication how Sheridan left it.

Ivanova, Garibaldi, Franklin, Delenn, Vir, and Zack attend the Babylon 5 decommissioning ceremony, taking one last look around the station before departing on the final shuttle against an honor guard of ships from member worlds of the Alliance. The station's fusion reactors are set to overload and Babylon 5 is engulfed in fire, as was prophesied.

In the conclusion, the others return to their duties; Ivanova accepts Delenn's offer and becomes head of the Rangers, with Zack becoming a Ranger working with Vir on Centauri Prime. The final narration, given by Ivanova, recounts that, despite being the last of the Babylon stations, Babylon 5 gave them hope for the future, and that Delenn, each morning, would wake before dawn to watch the sun rise.

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