Sleepwalk (film)

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Directed bySara Driver
Produced byKathleen Brennan
Sara Driver
Written byKathleen Brennan
Sara Driver
Lorenzo Mans
StarringSuzanne Fletcher
Music byPhil Kline
CinematographyJim Jarmusch
Frank Prinzi
Edited byLi Shin-Yu
Distributed byFirst Run Features
Release date
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States

Sleepwalk is a 1986 American fantasy drama film directed by Sara Driver and starring Suzanne Fletcher.[1] It is Driver's directorial debut.[2] Jim Jarmusch served as one of the two cinematographers of the film.[3]



  • Suzanne Fletcher as Nicole
  • Ann Magnuson as Isabelle
  • Dexter Lee as Jimmy
  • Stephen Chen as Dr. Gou
  • Tony Todd as Barrington
  • Richard Boes as The Thief
  • Ako as Ecco Ecco
  • Harvey Perr as Matt
  • Jim Stark as Detective
  • Joe Dell'Olio as Policeman
  • Rebecca Wright as Fence
  • Steve Buscemi as Worker


According to Driver, filming began during the summer of 1985 and ended in 1986.[4] In a 2012 interview with The Huffington Post, Driver confirmed, "I was influenced by Jacques Rivette’s films, and Tarkovsky’s. Their magical realism was a big influence on Sleepwalk."[4]


Caryn James of The New York Times wrote in her review, "Although Sleepwalk moves slowly, Ms. Driver keeps her images from becoming static or self-consciously artsy."[3]


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