Sleepy Sleepers

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Sleepy Sleepers
Origin Lahti, Finland
Genres Comedy rock
Years active 1974 (1974)–1990 (1990), 2007
Associated acts Leningrad Cowboys

Sleepy Sleepers (known as Sliipperi in Finland) are a Finnish pop/rock/punk/comedy rock band. The band released 19 albums between 1975 and 1989. The band was founded in Lahti. Sakke Järvenpää and Mato Valtonen were the main members of the band. Later, Valtonen and Järvenpää founded Leningrad Cowboys.

The lyrics of Sleepy Sleepers were humorous yet outrageous and often dealt on sensitive subjects, such as politics, scandals and hypocrisy. They managed to upset USSR with album Takaisin Karjalaan (Back to Karelia) in 1977 and caused an international scandal by their Paint It Black cover, Kaapataan lentokone Moskovaan ("Hi-Jacking an Airplane to Moscow") in 1978. Their records were banned on Finnish broadcasting corporation, Yle until 1989 and break-up of USSR. The band was also a persona non grata on many concert venues.



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