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Origin Stavanger, Norway
Genres Psychedelic pop
Years active 1994–present
Labels Orange music, Trust Me Records, Oatcake Records, Agartha,Global Recording Artists, CCAP

Sleepyard is a psychedelic pop band from Norway. Oliver Kersbergen formed the band in 1994 to record the first demo "Velvet sky". Later on brother Svein joined in and they started playing concerts.

The band released the minialbum “Intersounds” on their own label Orange music in 1998. This was hailed as one of the very first post rock albums from Norway.

Sleepyard released “The runner” on trust me records (2003) and contributed music to the movie Monsterthursday, which was nominated for best foreign film in the 2005 Sundance film festival. Next album "Easy Tensions" saw the band reaching for a more mellow and richer sound. Their multi tracked vocal harmonies reminded critics of the Beach Boys and drew comparisons to the psychedelic sound of Smile.

On their last album "Future lines", the band has collaborated with Pianist Mike Garson and Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3

In 2010 the band collaborated with Jim Shepherd of The Jasmine Minks and released a 7" Down Tangerine Road on his Oatcake Records.

Oliver also produced and co wrote a track with Judy Dyble former vocalist for Fairport Convention. This track was included on Füxa Dirty D album which came out on Rocket Girl in summer 2013.

Sleepyard released Black sails US label Global Recording Artists in March 2014. This album featured special guest musicians Judy Dyble, Geoff Leigh, Randall Nieman of Füxa and Mike Garson. Nik Turner formerly of space rock band Hawkwind on a version of The Seeds Chocolate River. This song will also be featured on a tribute album to frontman and vocalist Sky Saxon.


  • Intersounds (1999) Orange/Intersounds
  • The runner (2003) Trust Me Records
  • Easy tensions (2006) Orange/Intersounds
  • Future lines (2009) ccap Kirk
  • Down Tangerine Road 7" (2010) Oatcake Records
  • Wall of Confusion (2013) Agartha
  • Black Sails (2014) Global Recording Artists


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