Sleepytime Trio

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Sleepytime Trio
Origin Harrisonburg, Virginia
Instruments vocals, guitars, drums
Years active 1994 – present
Labels Lovitt Records
Associated acts Maximillian Colby, Combatwoundedveteran, The Rah Bras, Engine Down, Milemarker, Bats & Mice, Regents
Members Drew Ringo Ben Davis Jonathan Fuller Dave Nesmith

Sleepytime Trio is a punk band formed in 1994 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, after the demise of Maximillian Colby.


Following the demise of Maximillian Colby, Sleepytime Trio was started with Drew Ringo (lead singer and guitarist of Maximillian Colby) on guitar and vocals, Ben Davis on bass guitar and vocals, and Jonathan Fuller on drums. Later in the summer of 1995, they added Dave Nesmith (also formerly of Maximillian Colby) on second guitar and vocals. The following summer, the band did a seventeen day/twenty show tour of primarily the eastern United States and parts of Canada. They also later toured Europe and the US. In 1998, the band took an extended hiatus when Ringo relocated to Seattle and the remaining members went on to form Engine Down, The Rah Bras, Milemarker, and Bats & Mice. Ringo and Nesmith recently reunited to form Regents with former Frodus drummer Jason Hamicker. In May 1999, they played the cities of Chapel Hill, DC, Philadelphia, Worcester, and New York in rapid succession. After taking yet another hiatus, they played several shows on the east coast again in December 1999 with On 1 December 2007, Sleepytime Trio performed together again during the Action Patrol reunion gig at Alley Katz in Richmond. In 2014 they toured again, playing four shows in Japan.


Many have described Sleepytime Trio's style as screamo and post-hardcore. Their songs consist mostly of heavy screaming and guitar riffs.


Albums & 7"s
Title Date of Release Label
Songs & Stories 7" 1996 Whirled Records
Speak Again Twice 7" 1996 Nervous Wreck Kids
Plus6000 12" 1997 Lovitt Records
Split 7" w/ Four Hundred Years 1997 Smoothlips Records
Memory-Minus 2002 Lovitt Records
Song Title Compilation Title Date of Release Label
Onomatopoeia The Belladona Series Vol. 1: Animism 7" 1995 Planaria Records
Flake City The ABC's of Punk 12"+7" 1997 Whirled Records