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A sleeve gun is a device wrapped around a user's forearm and used to conceal a small firearm under a long-sleeved coat or jacket. A triggering mechanism causes the firearm to extend out of the gadget quickly enough for the user to grab it and fire.[1]

The term "sleeve gun" was also used for an experimental device developed for the British Army during World War II by Station IX of the Special Operations Executive, essentially a noise-suppressed Welrod pistol minus the pistol grip.[2]


Though designs vary, a common component is a sliding or telescoping rail such as from a drawer. The mechanism may be triggered by releasing a spring that holds the firearm under the wrist.[3] The release for this mechanism itself may be a ring attached to a metal wire or just the sudden movement of the forearm. In most other ways, the firearm itself can be conventional.

The other "sleeve gun" was the British-designed, suppressed weapon from World War II. Made in both .32 ACP and 9×19mm, it was essentially a simple suppressor, with a barrel and breech, fitted at the rear. In use, it was intended to be placed in direct contact with the intended target to minimize noise. Accuracy and range would depend greatly on the skill of the shooter, though effectiveness dropped rapidly with increased range. As with the conventional Welrod, performance degraded quickly as the internal leather and rubber wipes degraded.

In films[edit]

Sleeve guns have appeared in a number of television shows and films, including The Wild Wild West[1], Django Unchained and Taxi Driver.

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