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Sleiman Hajjar (May 13, 1950 — March 10, 2002) was the Melkite Catholic bishop of Canada.[1] Hajjar was born in Jezzine, Lebanon and graduated from St. Joseph University and from the Pontifical University of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon. Ordained a priest on August 4, 1979, he served in Lebanon before coming to Canada in 1995[2] and was posted to Saints Peter and Paul Parish in Ottawa. He was consecrated a bishop in 1998 and served as eparch for the 40,000 Melkite Catholics in Canada. He was considered a dynamic pastor and was particularly known for his work with youth, both in Lebanon and in Canada. While in Lebanon Hajjar established a variety of humanitarian relief efforts focused on helping children caught in the upheaval of the Lebanese civil war.[3]

Hajjar died of a heart attack while on holiday in Florida.[4] He was succeeded as bishop by Ibrahim Ibrahim.[5]


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