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Square sausage (lower right) served with black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms and fried bread

The lorne sausage, also known as square sausage or slice sausage, is a traditional Scottish food usually made from minced meat, rusk and spices.[1] It is commonplace in traditional Scottish breakfasts. Though commonly called sausage, Lorne sausage is technically not a sausage.


The exact origins of the lorne sausage remain unclear, but it remains a favourite in Scottish cooked breakfasts and is often eaten in the Scottish variant of the full breakfast or in a breakfast roll. The sausage is also an appropriate size to make a sandwich using one or two slices from a plain loaf of bread.[2]

In 2009 there was a campaign to grant protected status to the lorne sausage, meaning it could only bear the name 'lorne sausage' if it was made in Scotland.[3]


Sausage meat – in this case a mixture of pork and beef – is minced and then mixed with rusk and spices and set in a rectangular cuboid tin. Once set, it is sliced into pieces generally about 10 cm square by about 1 cm thick.[4] The sausage is rarely a perfect square given the minced state of the meat. Unlike other forms of traditional sausage, square sausage is not encased in anything and needs to be tightly packed into a mould to hold it together.[2]


There are two main theories as to where the name of the sausage originates:

  • Named after Tommy Lorne, a Scottish music hall comedian of the 1920s.[2][5][6]
  • Named after the region of Lorne in Argyll.[2] This is a more likely explanation as advertisements for 'Lorne Sausage' have been found in newspapers as early as 1896, only 6 years after the birth of Tommy Lorne.[7][8]

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