Slicing Grandpa

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Slicing Grandpa
Little skull dude.jpg
Slicing Grandpa Logo "Little Skull Dude"
Background information
Origin Seattle, Washington, USA
Genres Noise Experimental Rock
Years active 1993–1995 1997–present
Labels Strain Theory Records / Scatological Liberation Front
Associated acts Tractor Sex Fatality
Thee Wickermen
Krash Un Lurne
Kount Fistula
The Rebellion
Members John Laux, Lance Tarr
Past members Gerald Hansen
Evan Martinez
Charlotte Aurevoir
Ward Reeder
Nick Martinez
Old Vibro

Slicing Grandpa is an experimental music/noise rock band based in Seattle, Washington. The group formed in the spring of 1993 in Elmira, New York, by John Laux and Lance Tarr.[1] The group's sound is minimalistic, repetitive and harsh, with recordings tending to be produced at high volume on inexpensive handheld recorders. The band's sound is sometimes compared to that of Smegma.[2] The band has released numerous EP's and singles over the years, with the majority of more recent releases being put out on vinyl records. Compilation 7" record projects include one with San Francisco based Rubber-O-Cement, one with both Penetration Camp and Sparkle Girl (also in Seattle), and one with France's Placenta Popeye. In February 2009, Slicing Grandpa played a show at a Seattle performance space, the Josephine, along with noise artist John Wiese.[3] The group performs regularly in the Seattle area, and is currently working on new material for release later in 2009.[4] The group's music can be heard on underground and independent radio and internet based broadcasts, such as WFMU Radio in the New York City area,[5] KDVS Freeform Radio out of Davis, California,[6] and the Satanic Church Radio's internet broadcast[7] in San Francisco.

Partial discography[edit]

  • Skunk EP Strain Theory Records (1993)
  • 4-Trak Album STR (1993, released on 7" 2006)
  • Sourpuss STR (1993)
  • Scrambled Eggs and Ash Wednesday STR (1994)
  • Tissue Box STR (1994)
  • Caterpillar Ink STR (1994)
  • Glue Farm Autopsy STR (1997)
  • Silo of Blood EP STR (1998)
  • Pig Blood Blues STR (1998)
  • Slicing Grandpa-"best of for a debut" STR (2001)
  • Electric Shitstorm STR (2003)
  • Family Restroom STR/Scatological Liberation Front (2005)
  • Urination Crane STR (2005)
  • SG/Rubber-O-Cement split 7" Brutal Sound F/X (2006)
  • Greatest Hits? CD Tanzprocesz (2007)
  • SG/Penetration Camp split 7" No Label (2007)
  • SG/Sparkle Girl split 7" Soccer Mom Ebonics (2007)
  • Mobile Bones Disposal Unit Tanzprocesz (2007)
  • Chaos Midnight 10" STR (2007)
  • SG/Placenta Popeye split 7" Tanzprocesz (2007)
  • Mruofekis Cassette PychForm Records (2007)
  • Meth Set 7" Daisy Cutter Records (2007)
  • Spirits of Doug & W CD SLF (2008)
  • Big Monster Canadian Coat Cassette Goaty Tapes (2008)
  • Le Hardcore 7" STR (2009)
  • Diaper Down CD STR (2009)
  • The Abstracticator CD Phase!Records (2010)
  • Low Vibrations 12" STR (2013)
  • Never Mind the Bullshit, Here's Slicing Grandpa 12" STR (2014)


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