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SlickLogin is an Israeli start-up company that develops sound-based password alternatives.[1] The company is based on a novel idea to enable end users to log in easily to password-protected websites by using a uniquely generated sound.[2]

The company was founded by Or Zelig, who serves as the firm's CEO, Eran Galili, CTO, and Ori Kabeli, VP of R&D. They are recent graduates of the IDF's elite cyber-security unit and have spent over six years working on information security projects.

Recently, Google has announced acquisition of this company. The company is yet to launch a commercial product, so the deal actually represents an acquisition of the technology itself.[3]

SlickLogin can use various protocols to start verifying your phone’s position: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, visual markers like QR codes, and of course, GPS. Their self-dubbed "secret sauce", though, is their use of uniquely generated sounds intentionally made inaudible to the human ear. Your computer plays the sound through its speakers, while an app on your smartphone uses the device's built-in microphone to pick up the audio, analyze it, and send the signal back to the site's server for authentication.

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