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Coordinates61°05′35″N 08°57′48″E / 61.09306°N 8.96333°E / 61.09306; 8.96333Coordinates: 61°05′35″N 08°57′48″E / 61.09306°N 8.96333°E / 61.09306; 8.96333
Basin countriesNorway
Surface area11.29 km2 (4.36 sq mi)
Shore length146.34 km (28.79 mi)
Surface elevation366 m (1,201 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Slidrefjord (English: Slidre Fjord)[1][2][3] is a lake which lies in the municipalities of Vestre Slidre and Vang in Oppland county, Norway. The lake is part of the Begna Watershed.

Slidrefjord has a surface area of 11.29 km² and a shore length of 46.34 km. It is at an elevation of 366 m above sea level.


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